Try Sisterhood for Size... And win a £100 Voucher!

 Happy International Women’s Day Moo Crew! In case you hadn’t heard, today is all about tightening the gender gap, striving for what we deserve and celebrating our species.

We ladies come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve already proven that we don’t fit in a stereotypical box. We can lead a country, we can head up the police force, we can reign over a Commonwealth. The big gigs don’t phase us. And yet bizarrely, it’s women, more than our male counterparts, who let a number printed on a clothes label dictate our self esteem.
So many times in the shop I have seen customers shocked when I suggest an outfit alternative in a size they wouldn’t normally choose. “I can’t get in that”, they will insist. “Try it” I say, and more often than not, they are surprised at how great they look when a garment pinches in the right places or caresses their curves.

Similarly, I’ve seen ladies disheartened when their ‘regular size’ feels too tight and reluctant to go up, denying themselves their dream dress because it doesn’t have the dream ticket.

Now come on girls, we are bigger than this aren’t we?!

The label is only a guideline and all brands differ so it is totally possible to be a small in one brand’s blouse, for example and large in another brand’s jeans. Even in the same brand you may have to vary your size depending on your individual body shape.

If you are ever in any doubt about whether the garment flatters, always ask one of the Moo Bou Crew assistants for advice. We are all trained to find the best fit for every body shape, and guess what.... we are not ladies that are likely to be put off by a number.

Here’s what our new model Helen has to say about the great size debate. “I can be anything from a size 8 to a 12 more often a 10 and 12... depending on the style and cut of a garment. It’s all about feeling body confident and that’s not possible when you are shoe horning yourself into a size you’re not comfortable in. Confidence comes with clothes that fit well and flatter.”

So sisters, if we’re going to smash through the glass ceiling we need to be focussing on the best version of ourselves, not some stereotypical ideal. Power dressing today is not about three inch shoulder pads and killer heels to impress a boardroom full of suits. It is about dressing for one person and one person only - YOU.

In celebration of International Women’s Day and our Moo Boutique Yorkshire sisterhood (been there, bought the t-shirt?) Tag some of your favourite girls on any of Moo’s social media feeds to be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher. Each tag equals one entry into the prize draw.

Good luck and if you are going to squeeze into anything, make sure it’s a gender gap!