“I am an example of what is possible when girls from the very beginning of their lives are loved and nurtured by people around them. I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life who taught me about quiet strength and dignity.” – Michelle Obama

Girls, girls, girls. I wanted to write this post a few days ago and have it ready to post at the perfect moment today on International Women’s Day…. But of course real life got in the way!


Running a business, juggling family life, doing your best as a wife, daughter, parent, friend… it’s a lot to ask of ourselves and sometimes I have to hold my hands up and say, Gah!… I didn’t quite get it right. But do you know what the great thing about being a mother hustler is?  For every forehead slap I give myself when things don’t go perfectly to plan, there are a hundred high fives from strong, supportive and encouraging female influentials in my life. Women who constantly inspire me to keep going, to do my best, to be kind to myself!


My mum has been a tower of strength throughout my career and I literally could not do what I do without her constant support and belief in me (and ok, her childcare is pretty invaluable too!). 


The girls in the shop - WOW - what incredible, inspiring ladies who make me want to build a better business and grow our fabulous team. I truly believe each member of the team brings something unique to the party and love how our differences complement each other.


Our Moo Mates - those of you who feel empowered to share your purchases and help grow our community. A little tag or a quick comment might not seem like a lot, but these are the things that nurture our brand, inspiring other women to dress confidently and celebrate their unique style. Thank you for making a difference!


Every single lady who leaves our shop with a smile on their face - Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping a client find an outfit that makes them feel amazing. I know it’s not rocket science or anything, but that kind of feel good factor has a knock on effect that can be far reaching. In fact if I hadn’t visited Jen at the original Moo Boutique in Manchester and left with a new outfit and a new boost in confidence, would I have ever had the guts to start up my own business when I moved over to Yorkshire and hardly knew a soul? Now when I’m out buying I want to find pieces that empower - that nail the job interview, that raise the bar, that say “I got this”.  Please keep letting us know when those moments happen for you.


As Peak Panic levels hit in the face of the recent coronavirus outbreak, it’s sad to think that customers might miss out on the full experience of clothes shopping, preferring instead to buy online.  Obviously our online business is equally as important as our in store trade so I’ve been thinking of ways we can pass on those positivity vibes with a click purchase as much as a face to face one. 


As a result, you may have noticed that the whole Moo Crew is pushing itself out of its comfort zone and putting ourselves out there on social media! On Instagram and Facebook you will be seeing more of us talking about the styles that are currently floating our boats and recommending new ways to work looks for women of all shapes and sizes. 


Monday Madness with our fabulous model Helen is always fun and I’m trying hard to get comfortable on the other side of the camera, doing more Live events that we love you to join in with. Please keep your direct messages pinging in and allowing us to replicate that personal shopping experience that is such an important part of our brand.


So here’s to a new week chasing our tails, slapping our foreheads and high fiving our friends. I mean, can you even call yourself a woman on International Women’s Day 2020 if you’re not juggling at least 5 jobs, 2 dogs, a baby, a toddler and simultaneously washing your hands whilst singing happy birthday twice? Hehe. Stay sane, stay sanitised ladies. We Got This!