Let your heart take you where your feet want to go!

Apologies for the late blog post. Like many of you, I’m currently facing the very real struggle of juggling childcare with working from home and suddenly here we are in week three of lockdown.


How funny to think that when the restrictions were first announced, I was concerned I might get bored. With two adults, two children, two dogs and two grandparents to look after, it can feel a bit like Noah’s ark on board this ship, especially at feeding times. But there have been laughs along the way too. I hope that you are all staying home and safe and finding the humour in it somehow.


Speaking of the Ark, have you also been blown away by the Acts of Random Kindness that have been felt globally as a result of the crisis? Obviously the front line workers and ex NHS staff who have returned to work deserve the biggest applause. But also the small gestures; the neighbourliness, the camerarderie, the support we have shown one another goes someway to healing the hardships. I’m amazed how we’ve adapted to this strange new normal and we totally deserve a pat on the back for managing a situation that nobody could have predicted. 


On a personal level, your support throughout this crisis has been a total lifeline and I cannot thank my loyal customers enough. I am so grateful that I can still fulfil orders, delivering locally where possible and helping to maintain some semblance of normality through these crazy times. 


Working from home has thrown up a whole new wardrobe dilemma for lots of us. We want to be comfy, but we may also need to be Skype or Zoom ready at a moment’s notice. Nobody is judging of course, but I never feel super productive if I’m slobbing around in my scruffs, do you? Our Moo sweats which look effortlessly stylish but are super comfy have been a godsend for so many of you and it’s wonderful to receive your feedback about they have helped bring the feel good factor home. It’s incredible how a pop of sunshine yellow here or a juicy mango foot there can brighten up another day in isolation isn’t it? I have never appreciated the value of colour therapy as much as now and my faithful Wodens in this season’s brightest hue have certainly put a Spring in my step as I’ve run my essential errands.


A massive thank you to everyone who is sharing pictures of themselves wearing their Moo purchases both old and new with the hashtag #getthroughwithmoo  There’s a £50 voucher up for grabs so please keep posting and let’s boost our little Moo community with a feed celebrating our unique style. Without going all Gloria Gaynor on you, we WILL survive this thing and our stylish sisterhood will help to see us through.


I know clothes and shoes are nonessentials, but wellbeing is. And after two weeks of simultaneous home schooling and home working, you’ve probably never deserved a treat more! So although we might be thinking about the far flung easter holiday we  should be have been on, let’s focus our attention on staying home and staying chic instead.


I think shoes are one of those purchases that have the power to up the feel good factor. An outfit can be totally transformed by the right footwear and it’s the simplest way to update your existing wardrobe. 


Whilst the new brightly coloured Wodens, currently being rocked by instagrammer and fashion stylist Anna Mewes are the perfect pick me up, our summer sandals collection are total classics that will go with anything.


Nude suede, plaited tan leather, strappy summer platforms… if you’re done with the soul searching then giving your actual souls some love feels like the natural next step, right?! 


So my advice for a happy Iso Easter? Stay home, paint your toe nails, get your feet out and put your best foot forward. 

I found this lovely quote to go with a post about new shoes that goes: “Let your feel take you where your heart wants to go.” But this year maybe we need to switch that saying around?!  


Easter orders still being delivered, so snap up some sassy sandals and let your heart take you where your feet want to go!


Happy Iso-Easter everyone.