Noses are red, Fingers are blue, Warm up your heart, And look crazy hot too

Okay so I’m not going to win any poetry prizes, but after Storm Ciara has left us all a bit damp and dishevelled this weekend, I’m here to spread a little love your way and guess what - you don’t even need a significant other to share it with.

Self Love is the love that matters right now and on a cold and blustery Saturday night in Leeds, the Moo team were proud to be representing real women and spreading the message of self worth at an amazing event organised by empowering women’s movement, The Capsule. 

We are fully on board with the message that true love starts with appreciating what is staring you back in the mirror and it was incredible to hear from some inspiring female role models who have overcome all kinds of challenges to finally find peace with who they are and how they look.

Of course style plays a big role in helping us to feel the best version of ourselves and it is our mission to make sure our customers always feel the love when they walk through our door, empowered to ask for help and inspired to wear what makes their heart sing.

Fashion stylist Anna Mewes had the perfect advice for guests at the event, which included talks, demonstrations and an uplifting fashion show finale starring our very own blue haired beauty, Jo.

Anna said, “If my clients love a look but are unsure about whether they can pull it off, I always tell them to ask themselves what their 90 year old self would say. I can guarantee, she’d say GO FOR IT!”

Another speaker, a cancer survivor, told us she has pledged to be kind to herself since combatting the disease and she now treats herself to something lovely every single week. It may be a bath with candles, a lovely meal or a new dress and she has finally learnt not to feel guilty about spoiling herself. 

This Valentines Day we urge you to do the same. Fall in love with yourself all over again and we promise you the effects will be wide reaching. If you’re in need of a treat, whether it be a new top, a fresh jeans update or even if you feel like you could do with a bit of a style makeover, pop in and see us and let us help you feel completely fabulous. 

We’ve all got our own body issues to bear, in fact on a personal level, my frustrations at not pinging straight back into my pre-baby body six months after Fletcher was born has seriously affected my body confidence in recent times. Nothing my husband, friends or even my mum can say has managed to convince me that I look better than I feel, but after Saturday’s event I know it’s time to give myself a break and start listening to the one woman who would be more than happy to look in the mirror and see this body staring back. So Happy Valentines Day to all of us, from our 90 year old selves!