We’ll Meet Again - Why Vintage styles never date


It’s a long way from Tipperary, but our little corner of West Yorkshire is full of post war jubilation right now as we step back in time for our annual 1940s weekend.

Every year visitors come from all over the region dressed as soldiers and land girls and it’s the best excuse we can think of to put on a great frock and have a tea dance!

There will be lots of stalls selling original vintage clothing and of course our charity shops will be a great place to go if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful outfit that will get you in the 40s spirit.

Not one for rummaging? Well if Patsy and Edina can do vintage, darling, then so can we. So here at Moo Boutique Yorkshire we will be giving a stylish nod to the era with a few pieces that take their inspiration from the dance halls.

Whilst it might not be a look you want to wear every day, you will find that a couple of vintage styles in your closet will keep coming out year after year. A classic wrap dress for example will earn you your vintage fashion stripes, even if you’re not a tea dress kind of girl.

There’s a reason the wrap dress has been a staple since the 40s and it’s this… they are simply the most super flattering style on the planet. After the war women wanted to feel sexy and confident, they had played their part in changing history and were ready to stake their rightful position in the workplace. 

From our fabulous brand Hope and Ivy we think these stunning dresses will stand the test of time. And what could be more fitting for a 40s weekend than the colour of our green, green grass of home?

’Til we meet again Moo Crew!